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photoblog image Barossa view
Kay from Portland, Oregon 23 Feb 2009, 01:53
I love the color and the light. Wonderful landscape shot! Likey for me.
idleye: Thanks Kay, much appreciated.
The view is looking out from the entrance to Whistler Wines, from whence I had come after tasting several excellent Barossa reds. Fortunately I was still competent enough to make a picture - I did have to wait for about 15mins until the alignment of sun light and clouds meant I could capture the sparkle.

tim hitchins from leeds,uk:) 23 Feb 2009, 08:47
fabulous shot, love the composition. Super stuffsmile
idleye: Thanks for the kind words Tim. I'm a bit impressed too.

Mary MacADNski from Canada 23 Feb 2009, 11:53
This could be here. It's not typical of the parts of AU I visited.
idleye: Thanks Mary, I guess 'here' is where ever you are. Don't forget that Australia is the world's largest island - in fact, area wise, it would fit pretty neatly over Nth America - so there are very many bits to visit. C'mon down again and check out good ol Sth Oz.

vintage from Australia 23 Feb 2009, 12:35
Excellent photo when did you take this one saw this scene Last year
idleye: Thanks Vintage - yep, on December 14th 2008

Rob Martin from Thailand 23 Feb 2009, 13:03
classic aussie tundra!!
idleye: Thanks Rob

segnidiluce from Italy 23 Feb 2009, 13:16
Beautiful hay road smile
idleye: Bon giorno Frank and thanks for your appreciation.

jim wilson from Scotland 23 Feb 2009, 18:29
Wonderful shot !!
idleye: Thanks Jimmy. Now I have to do it again.

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zed from Australia 23 Feb 2009, 19:54
Nice work, even better when l read your blog and saw you left a winery to take this shot, the Barossa is one of my favorite regions for red wine.
idleye: Thanks Zed. yes it was a terrific combination - great wines sampled in good company followed by a marvellous play of light and scene. Just pleased I managed to get the photography bit right

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